How Does Home Automation Work

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If you are wondering on how exactly does home automation work then here are some few things which may be able to help you find answers to some or all of your questions.

Before you fully understand the concept of home automation, you should first be able to determine its meaning. Home automation is a method by which you are eliminating the human intervention part in a particular process.  So instead of doing a particular task yourself, you will let the automated system do the task for you.

You also have to understand that with automation, there are several methods of control. These are the means on how you will be able to control the system itself. Actually, this can be divided into two major parts namely hardwired and wireless.

Most of the home automation systems nowadays use a combination of both hardwired and wireless methods of control to be more efficient. With wireless methods, you can use different Medias such as Bluetooth, infrared, or radio frequencies. You can control the automation system with just a remote controller.

When it comes to hardwired we have Ethernet cables, fiber optic cables, electrical wirings, phone lines, and even coaxial cables. These are commonly used in home security automation systems such as surveillance cameras. You can also use these if you want some or most of the systems in your house be controlled over the internet.

Basically, when it comes to home automation you will need to have both hardware and software in order to have an efficient system. Some of the hardware components that you need are hub, routers, or switches, computers, and cables. Almost all automation systems nowadays can be controlled using a computer that is why it is very important that you have a reliable computer at home so that you may be able to have something to control your home automation systems with.


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How Does Home Automation Work

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This article was published on 2011/01/04